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Our visit to the orphanage was one of so many mixed emotions. About twenty cruisers were taken in 4WDs to the orphanage that was in the hills above Kupang over bumpy and rough unmade roads. Our guide was Alfredo, who is the son of the couple who run the orphanage. It is privately run and they have little support from the government. He told me that after many pleas for support the government gave a onetime payment of 3,000RP for each child. That is about 30c Australian. There are 90 children there between the ages of six months and twenty years, and being a family run affair the older children look after and teach the younger kids.

The children singing a welcoming song

Firstly we were shepherded into a small hall where Alfedo introduced the children and they performed for us. This sounds very banal, but when Priska, a little three year old took the big microphone in her little hands and sang solo, there was not a dry eye in the house. Her parents died in a car accident only two months ago. For the first two weeks she was inconsolable and didn’t stop crying, but gradually she has accepted the orphanage as her new family. I think every one of us wanted to take her home. But really she is so lucky to have found herself in this loving environment. In fact there were many children who would have found homes that day if it were possible. Their beautiful big brown eyes were so friendly and open. I just felt like hugging them.
Little Priska winning our hearts

The facilities are unbelievably basic. The children sleep in two dorms, boys and girls, four to a bed and some on the floor. The kitchen is only a bare floor with two camping fires under big pots. They do have however, a vegetable garden, pigs and lots of chickens. After school, each child has chores to do and they are taught to tend the garden, clean, cook and wash. There was not one toy, book or game in sight. When I think of how much we have, and our children and grand children have, in Australia, it is very sobering.

The girls dorm.

After school chores
Vegetable garden

Religion (Christian) is a very strong element in the orphanage and prayers and songs are a part of every day. They have a strong belief that God will provide for them. Of course the whole idea of the tour was to gather support and we all put in what we thought we could at the time. I have copied part of Alfredo’s email and you can contact us if you require any further information.

The day left me feeling sad for all the children without parents, sad about the struggle they have to obtain even the basics that we so take for granted, but also content that these children have a loving and supportive environment that gives them a better chance in life. Diana

Dear Mrs.Diana and Mr.Rob...
Thank you so much for your kindnness...
And thank you for your advice, the girls did not disappointed
This year from the rally we got $300, we would like to use the money to pay for the hospital,
because some mounts ago some of my children are getting sick, so we are still collect money to pay the hospital.
Well if you do not mind i would like to send you our complete address and some general information..

this is our complete address and my bank details..
Am sorry,because am using my own bank details, because until now we are still earn collect some mony to make the license in the name of our orphanage.
I hope we could get some donation to buy the land and build our own building in for the children in and also we will have the license in the name of our orphanage, because until now we are still rent the place that we are staying now...

I know that we have many shortage,
Right now important thing for me it is :
1.Make the license in the name of our orphanage
2.We will have own land and own building, so we do not need to pay the rent every year
3.We need mattress for the children, because some of the children so often getting sick because they have to sleep on the floor beacuse we do not have enough mattress.
4.We need a medical person in our orphanage, because when the children are getting sick, and if we haven't money we have to pay credit and some times it is hard but we believed God never live us alone.
Now one of my children, she is studying to be a nurse i nurse university, i hope i will get some donation  to continue her education at the nurse university.
5. I want all of my children are growing up with the brightly future with the enough education so, when they grow up or finish from their university they will get good job for their self and of course i need sphonsor to help me to continue all of my children future and good life for them....

Well, i hope you are always in good...
and please tell your friends about us, and hopefully they seen us also like your kindnness....
We could only pray for you and we are hopping that you are always in good and protecting by God and thank you for caring my children and thank you for everyhing...
I will continue this job, to care all of my children even i will get more children in my orphanage because i know one day God will gives me everything when i am in heaven...

If you do not mind please send us your picture
and also if you do not mind would you like to help me?
Please pass thin general information from us to your friends

Well thank you so much for everything,
on behalf of my children i would lie to say thank you so much for carring us..
Please say hi to your family...
have the great journeys and God bless you....

Best regard

Alfredo and Children

The well
The kitchen

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