Thursday, July 3, 2014

Phang Gna Bay Thailand in Pictures

Koh Muk

Here we are anchored on the island of Koh Muk. It looks peaceful now but later that night we were hit by a localised tropical storm that had the boat swinging madly from side to side on its anchor.

This part of Thailand is famous for its "hongs" which means room in Thai. This one is called Emerald Cave and is entered by swimming or paddling through a dark tunnel.
The end of the tunnel opens up to reveal a small beach and jungle garden fully enclosed by towering rock walls.

Out again into the open sea.

Same island but a different side. We joined cruising friends in this beautiful bay. Good food. Good company.

We went exploring and found this great little coffee shop.

The famous Phi Phi Island which is beautiful but.....

crowded with these phizz boats that bring hundreds of tourists to swamp the island

Ao Chalong
The main port for Phuket Island.
This is where we take our passports and boat's papers to clear in to Thailand.

Our anniversary bay.
We took the dinghy to this little bay with drinks and snacks. Unfortunately a very large male monkey had ownership of the beach and demanded food in a very threatening way, so our celebration was a bit hasty!

Exploring in our dinghy.

Koh Lanta celebrates Songkran or the Thai Water Festival. Everyone goes out onto the streets and has a great time spraying water at each other. No chance of staying dry, but it doesn't matter because it is so hot!

We visited a school on the island of Ko Po......

Oral hygiene seems to be a priority. 

Village on Koh Po

Koh Po kids having fun

Old Koh Lanta Town is a lovely laid back town with a few touristy shops and good restaurants overlooking the water.

Koh Lanta Old Town


Koh Lanta restaurants would rival many five star restaurants for location.

Koh Lanta is quiet enough for even me to venture on the roads by bike

But the road hazards are not what we are used to in Perth!

The anchorage at Koh Lanta Old Town. A sombre sight for a yachty. 

Rob doing a good impersonation of Gilligan on Koh Rang Yai.

The arduous 10 minute walk across the island of Koh Rang Yai to the restaurant on the other side.
Watch out for falling coconuts!

The tourists had only an hour to enjoy Koh Rang Yai whereas we could be there indefinitely.

Ahh! Tourists all gone. Time to relax.

Back in the big smoke of Phuket Old Town with its beautifully restored Sino Colonial buildings

A girl's day out exploring Phuket Old Town.

The back lanes of Old Phuket Town.

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